12th Aug 2009

What is Immunocal?

First, let me start with a big word: Glutathione.

Glutathione is the most important antioxidant known to man. And it’s not in a fruit, it’s not in a vegetable, it’s not in a juice, and it’s not in a pill. IT’S IN YOUR BODY!

That’s right, your body makes it’s own glutathione. However, your body starts to decrease the amounts of glutathione it makes as you get older. It drops by about 10% every 10 years. So when you hit 50 years old, you’re about half-way done. This is one of the reasons why some people seem to age much quicker than others.

Immunocal is like food for glutathione production. The technical term for this is “precursor”. And it’s the best you can get!

Check this out (no other product has this):

  • Immunocal has 75 international “method of use” patents for treatment of such things as cancer and AIDS. How many other natural healthy products out there have even one method-of-use patient for the treatment of anything?
  • Immunocal has over 30 published medical articles and clinical trials proving efficacy. How many other natural healthy products out there have even one clinical trial proving anything?
  • Immunocal has over 35 years of research behind it. How many other products have even 3 years of research?
  • Immunocal is listed in the U.S. Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) & Pharmacist’s Red Book. How many other natural healthy products out there are listed in the PDR?
  • Immunocal is listed in the Canadian Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS). How many other natural healthy products out there are listed in the CPS?

Click through to my Immunotec site to get your own Immunocal for $90 / box (30 pouches). OR, click through to this page to find out how you can order Immunocal for the same price I pay: How to get Immunocal.

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29th Jun 2008

How Immunocal escaped big pharma

Breakthrough In Cell-Defense bookIn the beginning… there was a nice researcher named Dr. Gustavo Bounous, M.D., FRCS(C). He, along with Dr. Allan C. Somersall, Ph.D., M.D., wrote this book: Breakthrough In Cell-Defense (see image to the right).

See there on the cover of the book where it says, “How to Benefit from the REAL Glutathione Revolution”? This is the real deal, the genuine article, the one that started it all.

Dr. Bounous discovered how to safely extract the specific protein, from milk, which helps the body produce more glutathione.

He got hooked up with some people who created a business, Immunotec Research. Much research was done on Immunocal; I think they’ve got something like 10 method-of-use patients. I think the stuff had been researched for about a decade before I got involved. Now I’ve been involved for at least a decade. My, how time flies.

Anyway, the goal at that time was to sell the stuff to a big pharmaceutical company so that they could market it as a “drug” and help lots of people.

There are a few problems with this scenario:

  1. Big pharma doesn’t make gazillions of bucks by making you healthy.
  2. A pharmaceutical company is not interested in a natural substance–especially if it makes you healthy.

The people at Immunotec, naturally, didn’t know this. So the deal was all ready. The deal was on the table and ready to transfer all the rights to Immunocal, and all the method-of-use patients, and all the tech on how to safely extract it… everything.

But then… a dramatic miracle happened. This is the kind of thing that only happens in movies or on TV. At the 11th hour, a mystery person called up Immunotec. Someone from the big pharmaceutical company, no one knows who, spilled the beans and let the cat out of the bag. They told of the big pharmaceutical company’s plans to buy Immunocal, and then bury Immunocal forever.

You see, a large pharmaceutical company does not like natural substances—they cannot be patented. Also, it would have been too expensive to manufacture Immunocal. Currently, the cost to make a single pill of a specific drug is around $0.04. That’s four cents. Immunocal, with all of the technology to extract the specific protein, would have been much, much too expensive.

So why were they interested in buying Immunocal and all related technology? So that they could bury it, of course. That way, they would have had more potential customers and less competition.

Big pharma makes money when you’re sick and unhealthy. They get you hooked on some nasty drug. You take the drug and feel worse, or feel the nasty side effects. They say, “Hey, we’ve got a drug for that!” So now you’re taking more drugs. Round and round it goes, and no matter how terrible you feel, the solution is always more drugs!

As a matter of fact, big pharma wants to sell you drugs even when you’re feeling fine, as a “preventive measure”. So no matter how you’re feeling, or no matter how you’re doing, big pharma’s got a drug for you.

Thankfully, Immunotec pulled out of the deal and decided to use network marketing to sell the stuff.

If you want all the technical details on how and why Immunocal is so great for you, read this book:

Title: Breakthrough in Cell-Defense
Authors: Dr. Gustavo Bounous, M.D., FRCS(C), and Dr. Allan C. Somersall, Ph.D., M.D..
ISBN: 978-1890412869
Amazon.com link: Breakthrough in Cell-Defense

Click here to try Immunocal and see what it does for you. The company offers a standard 30-day money-back guarantee: if you don’t like it for any reason, just send back what you haven’t consumed and they’ll give you a refund.

If you’ve noticed a mistake in my article, please let me know.

I hope this helps.


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13th Nov 2017

New Xtra Sharp bottle, 2017

Don’t know why, but they decided to make the Xtra Sharp bottle more difficult to carry around:

The old bottle fit inside bags much better. Maybe they will learn the error of their ways and go back to a better design?

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19th Mar 2015

2015 and Still Taking Immunocal!

Actually… I’m gettin’ up in years, so I’ve switched to Immunocal Platinum.  The major difference between the two is that Platinum helps with inflammation, which is actually really import, especially once you start getting old.

I take Immunocal Platinum once a day (morning/noon), and my dad takes it twice a day (morning and evening).

Also, I no longer use orange juice to mix it up.  Instead, I mix it with apple juice and Maximum Vibrance:

maximum_vibrance Maximum Vibrance on Amazon.com

… Which makes for a nice healthy meal replacement.

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09th Apr 2014

The Major Fallacy of Network Marketing

When I hear people explain network marketing, they’ll often use an example about recommendations. They’ll say something like, “Network marketing is just like what you do every day when you recommend something to a friend. You learn that you friend is looking for a better hand lotion, so you recommend a brand that you like. Network marketing is the same.”

No, it’s not.

There is one critical difference: In network marketing, if you make a recommendation for a product and you’re signed up with the company, you get paid.

If you’re just recommending a major brand dish soap that seems to work for you, you don’t get paid.  Your friend can go to the local grocery store and buy it.  But if you instead think to yourself, “Hummm, if I recommend this other product, the one for the network marketing company that I’m signed up with, then I get paid for making the recommendation if they buy.”

This is known as a conflict of interest.  The friend may only recommend the alternate product because they are signed up with the network marketing company, and they sell the product, and they’ll get paid if the can get the sale.  This is very different than saying, for example, “Yes, I loved that movie!  You should go see it.”  See?  You don’t get paid if your friend then goes and sees the movie.

So when you hear someone try and explain network marketing to you in this way, ask them about the conflict of interest.

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22nd Mar 2010

Immunotec on IPTV

This is interesting! Immunotec will be broadcasting live here:

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31st Oct 2009

Unexpected Xtra Sharp Success

xtra_sharp_bottle_x5_fruits_100x140A guy at work felt like he was coming down with a cold or the flu. They were flu-like symptoms. Someone gave him an Xtra Sharp sample pack that morning. He felt better within about five minutes. Most of his symptoms were gone by lunch time, and ALL were gone by the time he left work!

Usually, Xtra Sharp is promoted as an “Energy Drink” for “When You Need an Edge!” For me, I use it for “Mental Clarity”. Before this, I had not heard of it being useful against flu-like symptoms! This stuff is amazing.

Click here to get your own Xtra Sharp. You can get a better price by using my distributor number and calling Immunotec directly. I can be reached at 818-687-5153. First, call me and get my distributor number, then call Immunotec at 888-917-7779 and tell ’em you’d like to order under your friend’s distributor number and you’ll get my prices.

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30th Sep 2009

XtraSharp spreading like wildfire at work

I gave a sample pack to a friend at work for her migraine headache. She tried it a few days later and it completely cured her headache. She sent me a great text success on it:

Fyi for the first time in months, today I handled a migraine without drug & after taking your stuff. 🙂

Then she started giving out sample packs to others who were having issues such as tiredness, upset stomaches (I never would have tried that), jet lag, cold sympoms (never would have thought of that either), and some other things I don’t remember. XtraSharp helped in every instance!

I gave her a box of sample packs and now it’s spreading like wildfire throughout the office. I know it may be a dream, but I hope to get everyone off of Starbucks and on to XtraSharp… maybe one day.


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06th Sep 2009

3 doctors, 1 shared opinion

Dr. Luc MontagnierDr. Luc Montagnier

  • Winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi in 1983.
  • Co-founder of the World Foundation for AIDS Research and Prevention.
  • Made many significant discoveries concerning the nature of viruses.
  • Contributed to the understanding of how viruses can alter the genetic information of host organisms.
  • His work has significantly advanced cancer research.

As one of the world’s experts in the field, Dr. Montagnier is a contributing Editor of the book “Oxidative Stress in Cancer, AIDS, and Neurodegenerative Diseases” where a complete chapter is devoted to Immunocal and where it states that:

“Glutathione is of major significance in cellular antioxidant activity, and that Immunocal functioning as a cysteine delivery system can enhance glutathione synthesis…”

Dr. James F BalchDr. James F. Balch

  • Graduated with honors from the University of Indiana School of Medicine.
  • Spent over 30 years as a urologist in private practice before devoting his career to nutritional healing.
  • Member of the American Medical Association, the American College of Surgeons, and board certified by the American Board of Urology.
  • Is recognized as a prominent authority on nutrient healing.
  • Is author of several books including the best seller, Prescription for Nutritional Healing.

“It’s my opinion that everyone should be taking Immunocal. Today, there’s no better way to boost your immune system.”

Dr. Wulf DrogeDr. Wulf Dröge

  • A world renowned research scientist and Senior Vice-President, Research & Development, Immunotec Inc.
  • Has over 250 publications and is internationally known in the field of redox physiology and aging research.
  • Has over 40 years of active experience in basic and clinical research.
  • For almost 30 years he served as professor of immunology and cell biology at the University of Heidelberg and head of the Department of Immunochemistry at the National Cancer Research Center of Germany.
  • Was the first to describe the effect of glutathione on the immune response.

“Many studies of my laboratory at the German Cancer Research Center support the conclusion that Immunocal is effective in maintaining a strong immune system…

“Through its special structural properties, Immunocal overcomes a cellular deficiency that is most commonly seen in old age… This deficiency affects most notably the cells of the immune system and is associated with an increased incidence of infections. Elderly people are therefore the first to feel the benefits if regularly consuming Immunocal… young people are well advised to also consume Immunocal regularly. It is good advice to be prepared at all times.”

Box of ImmunocalClick through to my Immunotec site to get your own Immunocal for $90 / box (30 pouches). OR, give me a call and I’ll tell you how you can use my account to get Immunocal at a 30% discount ($63 / box): 818-687-5153. But I do work a full-time job, so if I don’t pick up, just leave me a message and I’ll get back to you when I have a free moment.

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25th Aug 2009

I got it, I figured it out!

Last post, I was wondering how to make someone understand how awesome and wonderful Immunocal was. After much banging-head-into-wall, I finally figured it out:

Some people will not be helped.

It’s true. A good friend of mine told me this some time ago and I guess I just never really believed him. But it’s true, and now I really know this.

I was trying to explain to a friend of mine about Immunocal, how great it was, and so on. I thought they weren’t getting it because I was talking about glutathione, or clinical studies, or method-of-use patents, or the effects of antioxidants on cells, or oxidation… etc. It’s NONE OF THAT.

The bottom line is that it doesn’t much matter how you explain how wonderful Immunocal is if the person you’re talking to will not accept help. It doesn’t matter at all when the person can’t be helped. This person would not accept help from me. At all. I even tried to give ’em a free box of Immunocal. Why? They had a real problem with their body and Immunocal would have helped tremendously (and I like to help people).

I somehow got them to take one packet in some orange juice. About an hour later, they decided it wasn’t for them, and they gave me back the whole box (well, the whole box minus one packet). They got much better overnight. Then, later on in the week, they got much worse again. They did not attribute their getting well to Immunocal.

This person still will not accept a free box of Immunocal from me.

Experiences like this make one not want to try and help anyone ever again. But here’s where you gotta keep on going. Here’s where you need to press on, push through the trouble area, and find someone who loves Immunocal.

There are lots of people out there who are willing to be helped. Find ’em. Show them Immunocal. If they are interested, continue. If not, realize straight away that they cannot be helped and then don’t waste any more effort (and time) on ’em.

Hope this helps! 🙂


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19th Aug 2009

How to make people understand?

I got wind that a friend’s dad was nearing death, some kind of disease. They took him down to Mexico for some emergency help. I tried to tell them about Immunocal. They didn’t believe a word I said. He died. Always makes me sad to think about that, because I failed. I failed to adequately explain how Immunocal could have saved his life.

How can I tell people, “This is the most amazing supplement that you can take?” Like they’re going to believe me? I’m not a medical doctor. I’m not a chiropractor. Why should they believe a word I say?

If I say, “Glutathione”, their eyes glaze over. It takes several good-sized paragraphs to explain what glutathione is and what it does in the body (and diagrams help).

If I say, “Clinical study”, their eyes glaze over. No average-joe knows what goes into a clinical study, or how long it takes, or the specific protocols involved, or the millions it costs to do one.

If I say, “Method-of-use patient”, their eyes glaze over. Some people have a pretty good idea what a patient is, but a method-of-use patient? It takes a bit more explanation.

If I say, “Clinical research,” their eyes glaze over. Immunocal has been proven to do exactly what it claims to do with exact, clinical research. But how to communicate this to someone without showing them a technical whitepaper?

How can I explain to people how amazing and wonderful Immunocal is? How can I communicate this without delivering a speech about cells and oxidation and all the other strange, scientific terms used to describe how the body functions?

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