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26th Mar 2008

Excercise and sore muscles

One of the ways I can tell that Immunocal is working for me is that I don’t get sore after I work out.

For example, if I excercise hard Saturday morning, then take my Immunocal before I go to bed (which is what I normally do), then I am a little bit sore the next day. If I work out normally (not extra hard), and take my Immunocal, then I’m not sore at all. If I work out normally and skip my Immunocal, then I do get sore the next day. I’ve run this experiment many times, sometimes intentionally… sometimes unintentionally (because I just plain forgot).

Because Immunocal is like food for Glutathione (also known as a “precursor”), and your body makes Glutathione, and Glutathione helps with just about everything, it makes sense to me that it would help me recover so fast.

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