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15th Apr 2008

How to prepare Immunocal

UPDATE: This is the original page I wrote on how to mix up Immunocal. Pictured here are the old (wide) packets; they are narrower now (they fit into the shaker cup better). –> Click here for the new page, How to mix up Immunocal.

This is how I prepare and mix up my Immunocal.

Immunocal shaker cup with chocolate soy milk
0) Make sure you have a little mixer cup (Immunotec usually sends you one with your first order) and pour in 2 or 3 ounces of orange juice or chocolate soy milk. I use chocolate soy milk.

Immunocal packet held from top Immunocal packet being tapped down
1) Hold the packet by the top and shake it so that the powder settles down to the bottom. Tap the packet down onto the edge of your sink or kitchen counter top, just to help ensure that the Immunocal powder is all down at the bottom.

Immunocal packet being torn open Immunocal packet being torn open
2) Tear the packet open like this. The packet is very easy to tear open; it feels like paper.

Immunocal packet open with straight sides
3) Open it up and make sure the sides of the packet are straight.

Immunocal packet being dumped into cup Immunocal packet being dumped into cup 2 Immunocal packet being dumped into cup 3
4) Turn it over into the cup, dumping the Immunocal powder, and then tap the edges of the packet to get as much of the powder out as possible.

Immunocal covering chocolate soy milk Immunocal shaker cup with lid on
5) Now it looks like this. The Immunocal powder is completely covering up the chocolate soy milk. Snap on the plastic lid and make sure it is on there snug.

Immunocal being shook
6) GENTLY shake the mixer cup. Immunocal is very delicate. If you put it in a blender, you will destroy the bioactivity. If you put it in hot liquid, you will destroy the bioactivity. Personally, I don’t know how hard I would have to shake it to destroy the bioactivity, but I don’t take chances. I shake the mixer cup very gently back and forth for about two minutes.

Immunocal all shook up
7) It looks kinda like this after about two minutes. Now it’s time to enjoy! I think it’s like a slightly frothy chocolate shake. MMMmmmmmm, yummy!

Don’t forget to wash the mixer cup and lid when you’re all done.

Let me know what you think about this guide; leave comments below.

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