31st May 2008

Still going strong

Yes! I’m feelin’ great and still going strong! I take one packet of Immunocal in the evening before I crash (go to bed). I know some people who take it in the morning, but I’ve got enough to do in the morning. Plus, Immunocal helps me sleep. That’s a big plus for me. I really like getting enough sleep, and I really like sleeping well.

I read in the news online that some people are really worried about getting diseases such as hepatitus A or B or C or whatever. Because I take Immunocal, I don’t worry about things like that.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go looking for trouble either. But I know I’ve got one hell of an advantage when it comes to beefing up my immune system and keeping myself healthy. With Immunocal fueling my immune system (as well as other systems)… I just don’t worry much.

Last weekend I worked out a little bit longer than the week before. I did 34 “Turkish getups”. A “Turkish getup” is an exercise which works almost the entire body. I use a kettlebell for this exercise. A kettlebell is just a dead weight; it looks like a large cannon ball with a handle.

To do one “Turkish getup”, you start on the floor, on your back, with the kettlebell in one hand so that it rests on your shoulder. Heft the kettlebell straight up. From this moment, the kettlebell stays up, and your arm had better stay straight, too. Push with your foot and lean onto your other elbow. As you start to get up in this way, keep the kettlebell straight up. Then crunch up and push with your other hand, pushing yourself up onto your feet. Once you’ve got your weight centered over your feet with the kettlebell high up above your head (centered over your shoulder), rise straight up. From this point, you basically just reverse what you did to get up there. You’ll end up back on the floor on your back, like when you started. There, that’s one (on one side). Now just switch the kettlebell around to your other hand and do it all over again with the other side. There, that’s one-prime (one on both sides). That’s just how I count.

When I began this exercise, I could do 4 on both sides. Now I can do 34. Even though I’m sweating and tired, I know I can do more, but I’ve been incrementing by one each week. It’s great. I love being healthy! 🙂

Now, go get some Immunocal in you and feel great!

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  1. Nikia Lies Says:

    This particular kettlebell exercise is actually a combination of many kettlebell lifts that are combined to constitute a single lift. In order to truly develop your core strength and to develop those muscles you must do a lot more than just an old fashioned sit up routine.