21st Jun 2008

Mike Adams is my hero

Mike Adams Health Challenge to Big PharmaMike Adams, The Health Ranger, editor of NaturalNews.com (previously NewsTarget), is my hero. He tells it like it is. He gives you the truth. He has the very worthy goal of helping people get healthier. This is my goal as well.

Just a few days ago Mike Adams issued a public challenge to big pharma: He will pay them $10,000 if they can find a person taking 8 pharmaceuticals who can beat him in a contest of strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and adaptability.

My reply to this challenge: RIGHT ON!

Go for it, Mike Adams! Make big pharma put it’s money where it’s bogus claims are. Big pharma insists that only their expensive drugs (manufactured chemicals) can make you healthy. I have a term for that: bull-honkey. That’s a technical term, means there ain’t a shred of truth there at all.

Box of ImmunocalImmunocal is not a manufactured, pharmaceutical drug. It’s not even a special manufactured chemical. Immunocal is a specific protein extracted from milk. It is just this one specific protein, and it’s found in nature! It’s a completely natural substance. And it can do more for someone than all the pharmaceutical drugs put together. Indeed, all the pharmaceutical drugs put together would be so toxic, in my humble opinion, that they would kill you, and they would kill you quickly. Immunocal, on the other hand, is kinda like food for your immune system, and helps your body make more glutathione.

I’ll tell you the story of the way Immunocal almost got buried by a pharmaceutical company in my next post. For now, watch Mike Adams tell you about his fantastic challenge to big pharma:

The full article can be found here:

His video page, with the above video, can be found here:

Rock on, Mike Adams! You tha MAN! And you’ve got my full support! 🙂


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