24th Jun 2008

Why not just take glutathione?

glutathione moleculeI sometimes get asked, “If glutathione is so good for you, why not just take glutathione directly?”

The answer is that the body likes the glutathione which the body makes better than the glutathione which the body did not make.

A simple analogy is this: Why not feed your kids brains to make them smarter? No, feeding someone brains isn’t going to make them smarter. And feeding someone glutathione isn’t going to do much for their health, either.

Immunocal is not glutathione. Immunocal is a precursor to glutathione. A precursor is something your body can use to make something else.

If your body already makes glutathione, why take Immunocal? The simple answer is so that your body can make more glutathione. With all of the things in my environment (and my food), I want to give my body every advantage that I can.

Hope this helps.


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