17th Aug 2008

Still going strong!

A few weeks ago I reached my target of 40 turkish getups. I felt pretty darn good about that. However, after I reached this target I noticed something strange: I stopped exercising.

So now I have a new target: 50 turkish getups! After I hit this target, I’ll probably have to get a bigger kettle bell.

By the way, the night that I did 40 turkish getups, amazingly, I forgot to take my Immunocal before going to bed, like I usually do. I was SORE the next day, and for a few days after that. Yesterday, I did 42 turkish getups. It was hard, but I took one packet of Immunocal last night before bed and I’m not sore today. I’ve been taking Immunocal for over a decade and I’m still amazed by that.

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