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21st Sep 2008

I need less sleep

Funny thing, I’ve noticed recently that I need less sleep. I’ve been getting up before my alarm clock goes off, consistently! I always thought it was because I had trouble getting back to sleep (I get up in the early morning to use the bathroom). As it turns out, I don’t even need to go back to sleep!

I love Immunocal!

Also, I did 48 Turkish Get-ups yesterday (the most I’ve ever done in one set) and I’m not even sore today because I took my Immunocal before I went to bed.

Wow, I really love Immunocal!

Once I reach my target of 50 Turkish Get-ups at once, I think I’ll have to get a bigger kettlebell.

If you’d like to try out Immunocal, give me a call. I’ll walk you through it and answer questions.


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