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08th Oct 2008

Xtra Sharp got new bottle

Check it out: The new Xtra Sharp bottle!

new Xtra Sharp bottle, front new Xtra Sharp bottle, back

(Click the images for a bigger view.)

I’ve had the new bottle for a while now, just thought I’d show it to y’all.


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06th Oct 2008

50 Turkish Getups!

I reached my target! I did 50 Turkish Getups, all in one set, without stopping. That night I made sure that I took my Immunocal before I went to bed. I was not sore the next day. Yay! Immunocal is still working!

However, I also did 25 pushups. I don’t usually do pushups because that action is covered in doing the Turkish Getup. I was a little sore the next day, in my chest area.

I’ve noticed that I’m not sore if I work out normally (even pushing myself a bit) IF I take Immunocal. But if I miss taking Immunocal, then I’m sore for a few days, maybe half the week. If I work out really hard, and still take Immunocal, then I’m sore a little bit, maybe for a day or so.

Now that I’ve reached my target, I can: 1) get a bigger kettlebell, or 2) set a new target and shoot for 60. Since the second option doesn’t require money, I think I’ll be doing that one. The hardest part of doing such a long set is keeping count (it takes me over 35 minutes to do 50).

I feel great, much better than if I were not taking any Immunocal. I already ran that experiment (not recommended). Immunocal raises glutathione levels in your body, and that’s all it does. For my plain description on what it does, click here.


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