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28th Apr 2009

Swine Flu

Box of ImmunocalAll this worry over the “swine flu” only makes me think, “I’m so glad I have Immunocal.”

Because I’m taking Immunocal, I don’t worry about this “swine flu” stuff. I just mix it up in orange juice and drink it down and then get on with my life. My immune system can handle it.

Do you have your Immunocal?

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16th Apr 2009

Great Immunocal success

I heard a great success story last week: A woman saved her cat’s life with Immunocal.

Her cat had been bit on the paw by a rattlesnake. She rushed the cat to the vet. By the time they arrived, the cat’s paw and entire leg had swelled up about twice as large as normal. It was huge. The vet told her there was no hope, and the best thing that could be done was to make the little thing more comfortable. The ved expected the cat to expire that night.

My friend would have none of that. She went back home, grabbed some Immunocal packets, and went back to the vet. She got special permission to go back where her cat was being kept, and she force-fed Immunocal to her little kitty every four hours.

All the while, the vet told her how she was wasting her time. Well, she totally astonished the vet. Her cat pulled through and lived a long time afterwards.

The next time your vet tells you there’s no hope, maybe there is. Maybe Immunocal can make a difference.

Have you had your Immunocal today?

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