16th Jun 2009

XtraSharp satisified cravings for Starbucks

I gave a friend a sample pack of XtraSharp. He downed it some time that day. Later on, he told me that he had no cravings for coffee (Starbucks), at all, for the rest of the day. His girlfriend wanted coffee, so he drove her to the coffee house. He even went inside with her, but he didn’t get any.

This is very unusual for this guy, and he noticed it. I think it’s a good thing. The more people we can get OFF of caffine, and on to the good stuff of XtraSharp, the better.

You see, XtraSharp is more like an herbal tonic than an “energy drink”. Instead of coffee, or Monster or Rockstar, or anything else loaded with Taurine (yuck!), try XtraSharp. See what happens. See how you feel.

Click here to try XtraSharp.


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