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25th Aug 2009

I got it, I figured it out!

Last post, I was wondering how to make someone understand how awesome and wonderful Immunocal was. After much banging-head-into-wall, I finally figured it out:

Some people will not be helped.

It’s true. A good friend of mine told me this some time ago and I guess I just never really believed him. But it’s true, and now I really know this.

I was trying to explain to a friend of mine about Immunocal, how great it was, and so on. I thought they weren’t getting it because I was talking about glutathione, or clinical studies, or method-of-use patents, or the effects of antioxidants on cells, or oxidation… etc. It’s NONE OF THAT.

The bottom line is that it doesn’t much matter how you explain how wonderful Immunocal is if the person you’re talking to will not accept help. It doesn’t matter at all when the person can’t be helped. This person would not accept help from me. At all. I even tried to give ’em a free box of Immunocal. Why? They had a real problem with their body and Immunocal would have helped tremendously (and I like to help people).

I somehow got them to take one packet in some orange juice. About an hour later, they decided it wasn’t for them, and they gave me back the whole box (well, the whole box minus one packet). They got much better overnight. Then, later on in the week, they got much worse again. They did not attribute their getting well to Immunocal.

This person still will not accept a free box of Immunocal from me.

Experiences like this make one not want to try and help anyone ever again. But here’s where you gotta keep on going. Here’s where you need to press on, push through the trouble area, and find someone who loves Immunocal.

There are lots of people out there who are willing to be helped. Find ’em. Show them Immunocal. If they are interested, continue. If not, realize straight away that they cannot be helped and then don’t waste any more effort (and time) on ’em.

Hope this helps! 🙂


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19th Aug 2009

How to make people understand?

I got wind that a friend’s dad was nearing death, some kind of disease. They took him down to Mexico for some emergency help. I tried to tell them about Immunocal. They didn’t believe a word I said. He died. Always makes me sad to think about that, because I failed. I failed to adequately explain how Immunocal could have saved his life.

How can I tell people, “This is the most amazing supplement that you can take?” Like they’re going to believe me? I’m not a medical doctor. I’m not a chiropractor. Why should they believe a word I say?

If I say, “Glutathione”, their eyes glaze over. It takes several good-sized paragraphs to explain what glutathione is and what it does in the body (and diagrams help).

If I say, “Clinical study”, their eyes glaze over. No average-joe knows what goes into a clinical study, or how long it takes, or the specific protocols involved, or the millions it costs to do one.

If I say, “Method-of-use patient”, their eyes glaze over. Some people have a pretty good idea what a patient is, but a method-of-use patient? It takes a bit more explanation.

If I say, “Clinical research,” their eyes glaze over. Immunocal has been proven to do exactly what it claims to do with exact, clinical research. But how to communicate this to someone without showing them a technical whitepaper?

How can I explain to people how amazing and wonderful Immunocal is? How can I communicate this without delivering a speech about cells and oxidation and all the other strange, scientific terms used to describe how the body functions?

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12th Aug 2009

What is Immunocal?

First, let me start with a big word: Glutathione.

Glutathione is the most important antioxidant known to man. And it’s not in a fruit, it’s not in a vegetable, it’s not in a juice, and it’s not in a pill. IT’S IN YOUR BODY!

That’s right, your body makes it’s own glutathione. However, your body starts to decrease the amounts of glutathione it makes as you get older. It drops by about 10% every 10 years. So when you hit 50 years old, you’re about half-way done. This is one of the reasons why some people seem to age much quicker than others.

Immunocal is like food for glutathione production. The technical term for this is “precursor”. And it’s the best you can get!

Check this out (no other product has this):

  • Immunocal has 75 international “method of use” patents for treatment of such things as cancer and AIDS. How many other natural healthy products out there have even one method-of-use patient for the treatment of anything?
  • Immunocal has over 30 published medical articles and clinical trials proving efficacy. How many other natural healthy products out there have even one clinical trial proving anything?
  • Immunocal has over 35 years of research behind it. How many other products have even 3 years of research?
  • Immunocal is listed in the U.S. Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) & Pharmacist’s Red Book. How many other natural healthy products out there are listed in the PDR?
  • Immunocal is listed in the Canadian Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS). How many other natural healthy products out there are listed in the CPS?

Click through to my Immunotec site to get your own Immunocal for $90 / box (30 pouches). OR, click through to this page to find out how you can order Immunocal for the same price I pay: How to get Immunocal.

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12th Aug 2009

Immunotec meeting went well

The Immunotec meeting went well. We got to listen to Dr. Krank again, that guy knows his stuff. And he’s not paid to be there, he just does it to help.

Speaking of help, if you’re going to get anywhere in this company, you need to want to help people. If you just want to make money, this is not the company for you.

A guy named Brian got up and gave a very good short lecture on the state of “work” here in America. Have we been programmed to work a job and work our whole lives?

We got up early to go to school. We get up early to go to work.
We go to school to “learn” until recess. We work until our 10-min break.
We go back and “learn” until lunch. We work until lunch.
We take lunch until it’s time to go back and “learn” some more. We take lunch until it’s time to go back to work.
We get off school and go home. We get off work and go home (or maybe to a bar or something because now we’re adults).

Seems there is some similarity there. What say you?

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02nd Aug 2009

Immunotec meeting in Los Angeles Tuesday

Immunotec meeting Los Angeles Aug 2 2009

Get the straight info on Immunocal and get your questions answered at this meeting. I’ll be there along with my friend. Here’s the PDF in case you want to print out the flier: 09-08-04_HW_LosAngeles_CA

Here’s the info, in case you want to copy-and-paste into Google Maps or something:

Date: Tuesday, Aug 2, 2009
Time: 7:30pm to 8:30pm

Location: Radisson Hotel, Los Angeles, Westside, 310-649-1776
6161 W. Centinela Ave, Culver City, CA
[ Google Maps Link ]

Speakers at event:
Michelle McDonough, Regional Sales Director, Western U.S. Division
Dr. Eugene Krank

7:00pm Registration & Seating
7:30pm Health & Wealth with Immunotec
8:30pm Meeting Close with Question and Answer

See you there!


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