19th Aug 2009

How to make people understand?

I got wind that a friend’s dad was nearing death, some kind of disease. They took him down to Mexico for some emergency help. I tried to tell them about Immunocal. They didn’t believe a word I said. He died. Always makes me sad to think about that, because I failed. I failed to adequately explain how Immunocal could have saved his life.

How can I tell people, “This is the most amazing supplement that you can take?” Like they’re going to believe me? I’m not a medical doctor. I’m not a chiropractor. Why should they believe a word I say?

If I say, “Glutathione”, their eyes glaze over. It takes several good-sized paragraphs to explain what glutathione is and what it does in the body (and diagrams help).

If I say, “Clinical study”, their eyes glaze over. No average-joe knows what goes into a clinical study, or how long it takes, or the specific protocols involved, or the millions it costs to do one.

If I say, “Method-of-use patient”, their eyes glaze over. Some people have a pretty good idea what a patient is, but a method-of-use patient? It takes a bit more explanation.

If I say, “Clinical research,” their eyes glaze over. Immunocal has been proven to do exactly what it claims to do with exact, clinical research. But how to communicate this to someone without showing them a technical whitepaper?

How can I explain to people how amazing and wonderful Immunocal is? How can I communicate this without delivering a speech about cells and oxidation and all the other strange, scientific terms used to describe how the body functions?

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