25th Aug 2009

I got it, I figured it out!

Last post, I was wondering how to make someone understand how awesome and wonderful Immunocal was. After much banging-head-into-wall, I finally figured it out:

Some people will not be helped.

It’s true. A good friend of mine told me this some time ago and I guess I just never really believed him. But it’s true, and now I really know this.

I was trying to explain to a friend of mine about Immunocal, how great it was, and so on. I thought they weren’t getting it because I was talking about glutathione, or clinical studies, or method-of-use patents, or the effects of antioxidants on cells, or oxidation… etc. It’s NONE OF THAT.

The bottom line is that it doesn’t much matter how you explain how wonderful Immunocal is if the person you’re talking to will not accept help. It doesn’t matter at all when the person can’t be helped. This person would not accept help from me. At all. I even tried to give ’em a free box of Immunocal. Why? They had a real problem with their body and Immunocal would have helped tremendously (and I like to help people).

I somehow got them to take one packet in some orange juice. About an hour later, they decided it wasn’t for them, and they gave me back the whole box (well, the whole box minus one packet). They got much better overnight. Then, later on in the week, they got much worse again. They did not attribute their getting well to Immunocal.

This person still will not accept a free box of Immunocal from me.

Experiences like this make one not want to try and help anyone ever again. But here’s where you gotta keep on going. Here’s where you need to press on, push through the trouble area, and find someone who loves Immunocal.

There are lots of people out there who are willing to be helped. Find ’em. Show them Immunocal. If they are interested, continue. If not, realize straight away that they cannot be helped and then don’t waste any more effort (and time) on ’em.

Hope this helps! 🙂


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