30th Sep 2009

XtraSharp spreading like wildfire at work

I gave a sample pack to a friend at work for her migraine headache. She tried it a few days later and it completely cured her headache. She sent me a great text success on it:

Fyi for the first time in months, today I handled a migraine without drug & after taking your stuff. 🙂

Then she started giving out sample packs to others who were having issues such as tiredness, upset stomaches (I never would have tried that), jet lag, cold sympoms (never would have thought of that either), and some other things I don’t remember. XtraSharp helped in every instance!

I gave her a box of sample packs and now it’s spreading like wildfire throughout the office. I know it may be a dream, but I hope to get everyone off of Starbucks and on to XtraSharp… maybe one day.


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