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31st Oct 2009

Unexpected Xtra Sharp Success

xtra_sharp_bottle_x5_fruits_100x140A guy at work felt like he was coming down with a cold or the flu. They were flu-like symptoms. Someone gave him an Xtra Sharp sample pack that morning. He felt better within about five minutes. Most of his symptoms were gone by lunch time, and ALL were gone by the time he left work!

Usually, Xtra Sharp is promoted as an “Energy Drink” for “When You Need an Edge!” For me, I use it for “Mental Clarity”. Before this, I had not heard of it being useful against flu-like symptoms! This stuff is amazing.

Click here to get your own Xtra Sharp. You can get a better price by using my distributor number and calling Immunotec directly. I can be reached at 818-687-5153. First, call me and get my distributor number, then call Immunotec at 888-917-7779 and tell ’em you’d like to order under your friend’s distributor number and you’ll get my prices.

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