About Immunocal

What is Immunocal?

I get this question a lot. Here’s my understanding:

Immunocal is a specific milk protein. It is very difficult to extract this one specific protein from milk, but Immuntec (the company that makes Immunocal) has spent lots and lots of money creating methods by which it can be extracted from milk safely and cleanly.

Immunocal, by itself, doesn’t do anything except raise glutathione levels in the body. Glutathione is stuff that your body makes, but it doesn’t make quite enough of it. If I were Dr. Jimmy Gutman and I were speaking to a room full of medical doctors, I would put up on a blackboard one or two dozen fantastic things that glutathione did in the body.

However, to more easily explain it to us non-medical doctors, Dr. Jimmy Gutman came up with an acronym: AID. A is for Anti-oxidant, I is for Immune system, and D is for Detoxification. Glutathione helps all of these things (and much more). In short, glutathione helps virtually every system in your body.

There are many thousands of articles on what glutathione does in the body, and if you were to tell your doctor that you found something which raises glutathione levels in the body, his or her eyebrows would raise and they would become very interested. Immunocal raises glutathoine levels in the body. It is some of the best protein you can get.

Immunocal comes in powder form and is very easy to mix up in juice or milk and take daily.

I mix mine up in the little cup shaker that I got from the company. I mix it up with either orange juice or chocolate soy milk, whichever I happen to have in my fridge at the time. It takes about three minutes to mix it up, drink it, and rinse out the cup again. Here’s a little how-to I wrote on how to mix up Immunocal.

For those who like to read technical journals and clinical studies, you might be interested in what has been written on Immunocal on PubMed.

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