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16th Jun 2009

XtraSharp satisified cravings for Starbucks

I gave a friend a sample pack of XtraSharp. He downed it some time that day. Later on, he told me that he had no cravings for coffee (Starbucks), at all, for the rest of the day. His girlfriend wanted coffee, so he drove her to the coffee house. He even went inside with her, but he didn’t get any.

This is very unusual for this guy, and he noticed it. I think it’s a good thing. The more people we can get OFF of caffine, and on to the good stuff of XtraSharp, the better.

You see, XtraSharp is more like an herbal tonic than an “energy drink”. Instead of coffee, or Monster or Rockstar, or anything else loaded with Taurine (yuck!), try XtraSharp. See what happens. See how you feel.

Click here to try XtraSharp.


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28th Apr 2009

Swine Flu

Box of ImmunocalAll this worry over the “swine flu” only makes me think, “I’m so glad I have Immunocal.”

Because I’m taking Immunocal, I don’t worry about this “swine flu” stuff. I just mix it up in orange juice and drink it down and then get on with my life. My immune system can handle it.

Do you have your Immunocal?

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16th Apr 2009

Great Immunocal success

I heard a great success story last week: A woman saved her cat’s life with Immunocal.

Her cat had been bit on the paw by a rattlesnake. She rushed the cat to the vet. By the time they arrived, the cat’s paw and entire leg had swelled up about twice as large as normal. It was huge. The vet told her there was no hope, and the best thing that could be done was to make the little thing more comfortable. The ved expected the cat to expire that night.

My friend would have none of that. She went back home, grabbed some Immunocal packets, and went back to the vet. She got special permission to go back where her cat was being kept, and she force-fed Immunocal to her little kitty every four hours.

All the while, the vet told her how she was wasting her time. Well, she totally astonished the vet. Her cat pulled through and lived a long time afterwards.

The next time your vet tells you there’s no hope, maybe there is. Maybe Immunocal can make a difference.

Have you had your Immunocal today?

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06th Oct 2008

50 Turkish Getups!

I reached my target! I did 50 Turkish Getups, all in one set, without stopping. That night I made sure that I took my Immunocal before I went to bed. I was not sore the next day. Yay! Immunocal is still working!

However, I also did 25 pushups. I don’t usually do pushups because that action is covered in doing the Turkish Getup. I was a little sore the next day, in my chest area.

I’ve noticed that I’m not sore if I work out normally (even pushing myself a bit) IF I take Immunocal. But if I miss taking Immunocal, then I’m sore for a few days, maybe half the week. If I work out really hard, and still take Immunocal, then I’m sore a little bit, maybe for a day or so.

Now that I’ve reached my target, I can: 1) get a bigger kettlebell, or 2) set a new target and shoot for 60. Since the second option doesn’t require money, I think I’ll be doing that one. The hardest part of doing such a long set is keeping count (it takes me over 35 minutes to do 50).

I feel great, much better than if I were not taking any Immunocal. I already ran that experiment (not recommended). Immunocal raises glutathione levels in your body, and that’s all it does. For my plain description on what it does, click here.


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21st Sep 2008

I need less sleep

Funny thing, I’ve noticed recently that I need less sleep. I’ve been getting up before my alarm clock goes off, consistently! I always thought it was because I had trouble getting back to sleep (I get up in the early morning to use the bathroom). As it turns out, I don’t even need to go back to sleep!

I love Immunocal!

Also, I did 48 Turkish Get-ups yesterday (the most I’ve ever done in one set) and I’m not even sore today because I took my Immunocal before I went to bed.

Wow, I really love Immunocal!

Once I reach my target of 50 Turkish Get-ups at once, I think I’ll have to get a bigger kettlebell.

If you’d like to try out Immunocal, give me a call. I’ll walk you through it and answer questions.


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17th Aug 2008

Still going strong!

A few weeks ago I reached my target of 40 turkish getups. I felt pretty darn good about that. However, after I reached this target I noticed something strange: I stopped exercising.

So now I have a new target: 50 turkish getups! After I hit this target, I’ll probably have to get a bigger kettle bell.

By the way, the night that I did 40 turkish getups, amazingly, I forgot to take my Immunocal before going to bed, like I usually do. I was SORE the next day, and for a few days after that. Yesterday, I did 42 turkish getups. It was hard, but I took one packet of Immunocal last night before bed and I’m not sore today. I’ve been taking Immunocal for over a decade and I’m still amazed by that.

Get your Immunocal here and boost your own performance.

Click here to find out how to get the 40% discount.


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09th Aug 2008

A quick word on network marketing

Network marketing is not easy. Network marketing is hard.

If someone approaches you on the subject and in some way tells you that network marketing is easy, they are lying right to your face. There is nothing easy about network marketing. The numbers are magical (just get two, who get two, who get two…) but the reality is that network marketing is the toughest business out there. Hands down, it’s the toughest business that I know of.

It is far, far easier to trade time for money. Isn’t that what most people do? Most people wake up without enough sleep to go do a job they dislike, so that they can get paid an inadequate amount of money, so that they can stay in debt. And when Friday night finally arrives, hey! It’s party time! Now it’s time to dress up, pack some cash into the pockets, and hit the town. I walk through Hollywood often. I walk by packs and packs of people who are lined up waiting to get into a nightclub (a building with music so loud that it’s impossible to communicate), get drunk/high, blow their hard-earned money, and maybe even get lucky later on.

Well, I was never the type to do what everyone else did. Right now, for example, I am typing on a Dvorak keyboard. I don’t know anyone else who uses a Dvorak keyboard. I don’t even know anyone who knows what a Dvorak keyboard is.

So, here I am, still building my network marketing business. Why? Because it’s hard or difficult? No, I don’t do things just because they are difficult. I’m still doing network marketing because I believe, in the end, that it’ll be worth it. It’s the same with the Dvorak keyboard layout; I’m not spending all this time and effort learning it because it’s difficult. I’m learning it because, once I’ve really got it and am fast on it, I’ll be able to smoke my best record on the qwerty layout. I’ll be able to rip on it like crazy. Remember: the qwerty layout was designed to slow you down. Why would I want to continue using a keyboard layout which was designed to slow me down? Because it’s too much trouble to learn a new one? That’s probably what most people would say. Well hey: I’m not like most people.

After over two decades typing on qwerty, I’ve totally got the layout. I can type pretty darn quick. But no matter how quick I am on qwerty, I’ll be able to go quicker on Dvorak. My fingers won’t move as far, either. Changing a standard is tough. But I believe, in the end, that it will be worth it and I’ll be using a keyboard layout which was not designed to slow me down, but to speed me up and make it easier to type.

Finally, in regards to network marketing… It is not easy. But If you work it consistently, network marketing has a way of paying off. That’s why I continue to work it. I believe, in the end, that I’ll get paid (lots) for all my hard work.

Immunotec Research is a company which decided to market their products with network marketing, and I believe they should be commended for it. This is why you cannot walk into a health food store and buy Immunocal right off the shelf. It’s only through an Immunotec Distributor that you can get Immunotec products.

I hope this article has been helpful. Click here to get your own Immunocal.


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24th Jul 2008

Xtra Sharp!

Xtra Sharp bottle X5 Fruits flavor
(click image to buy Xtra Sharp)
(click here to view full-size image)

I should take a moment and tell you about Xtra Sharp. Xtra Sharp is marketed as an “Energy Drink”. But not so much for physical energy, but more for mental energy. Or mental alertness.

I would say it’s a general tonic, but most people don’t know what a “tonic” is. So I say Xtra Sharp is good for mental alertness and mental energy.

Here now, it’s like this: Xtra Sharp is the only thing that gets me up in the morning. I have a bottle right next to my alarm clock. I smack my alarm clock, grab the bottle of Xtra Sharp, shake it up a few times, and take a swig. I like to hold it under my tongue for about 10 or 20 seconds. Then take some water, sit there against my bed, pet my cat (if he’s anywhere nearby) and wait about 5 minutes. Literally, within about 5 minutes, I’m up and awake and ready to go about my morning routine. I don’t even want to go back to bed!

So, personally, I love the stuff and highly recommend it. I have several bottles at home so that I don’t run out, and I keep a bottle at work because, often times, I get a little sleepy right after lunch. Maybe I’m not having a perfectly “zone” meal or something. I don’t know, but I (usually) get a little sleepy in the early afternoon, and after I take a swig I’m all good to go.


[click here to buy Xtra Sharp]

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10th Jul 2008

Success story from a buddy of mine

I just got a success story from a good buddy of mine. Here it is:

I normally take Immunotec supplements when I get home after a walk to relieve the pain and tiredness. Today, I reversed the order–supplements before exercise. An ounce of cherry concentrate and a pouch of Immunocal in four ounces of orange juice, followed by a swig of Xtra Sharp. Then a three mile walk. Plenty of energy. No pain. No tiredness. Try it!

Pretty awesome, eh?! I love getting reports like this. Take your Immunocal and you’re going to have a great day!

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29th Jun 2008

How Immunocal escaped big pharma

Breakthrough In Cell-Defense bookIn the beginning… there was a nice researcher named Dr. Gustavo Bounous, M.D., FRCS(C). He, along with Dr. Allan C. Somersall, Ph.D., M.D., wrote this book: Breakthrough In Cell-Defense (see image to the right).

See there on the cover of the book where it says, “How to Benefit from the REAL Glutathione Revolution”? This is the real deal, the genuine article, the one that started it all.

Dr. Bounous discovered how to safely extract the specific protein, from milk, which helps the body produce more glutathione.

He got hooked up with some people who created a business, Immunotec Research. Much research was done on Immunocal; I think they’ve got something like 10 method-of-use patients. I think the stuff had been researched for about a decade before I got involved. Now I’ve been involved for at least a decade. My, how time flies.

Anyway, the goal at that time was to sell the stuff to a big pharmaceutical company so that they could market it as a “drug” and help lots of people.

There are a few problems with this scenario:

  1. Big pharma doesn’t make gazillions of bucks by making you healthy.
  2. A pharmaceutical company is not interested in a natural substance–especially if it makes you healthy.

The people at Immunotec, naturally, didn’t know this. So the deal was all ready. The deal was on the table and ready to transfer all the rights to Immunocal, and all the method-of-use patients, and all the tech on how to safely extract it… everything.

But then… a dramatic miracle happened. This is the kind of thing that only happens in movies or on TV. At the 11th hour, a mystery person called up Immunotec. Someone from the big pharmaceutical company, no one knows who, spilled the beans and let the cat out of the bag. They told of the big pharmaceutical company’s plans to buy Immunocal, and then bury Immunocal forever.

You see, a large pharmaceutical company does not like natural substances—they cannot be patented. Also, it would have been too expensive to manufacture Immunocal. Currently, the cost to make a single pill of a specific drug is around $0.04. That’s four cents. Immunocal, with all of the technology to extract the specific protein, would have been much, much too expensive.

So why were they interested in buying Immunocal and all related technology? So that they could bury it, of course. That way, they would have had more potential customers and less competition.

Big pharma makes money when you’re sick and unhealthy. They get you hooked on some nasty drug. You take the drug and feel worse, or feel the nasty side effects. They say, “Hey, we’ve got a drug for that!” So now you’re taking more drugs. Round and round it goes, and no matter how terrible you feel, the solution is always more drugs!

As a matter of fact, big pharma wants to sell you drugs even when you’re feeling fine, as a “preventive measure”. So no matter how you’re feeling, or no matter how you’re doing, big pharma’s got a drug for you.

Thankfully, Immunotec pulled out of the deal and decided to use network marketing to sell the stuff.

If you want all the technical details on how and why Immunocal is so great for you, read this book:

Title: Breakthrough in Cell-Defense
Authors: Dr. Gustavo Bounous, M.D., FRCS(C), and Dr. Allan C. Somersall, Ph.D., M.D..
ISBN: 978-1890412869 link: Breakthrough in Cell-Defense

Click here to try Immunocal and see what it does for you. The company offers a standard 30-day money-back guarantee: if you don’t like it for any reason, just send back what you haven’t consumed and they’ll give you a refund.

If you’ve noticed a mistake in my article, please let me know.

I hope this helps.


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