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04th Jul 2009

Immunotec beats Supple

A friend of mine decided to stop taking Immunotec products and try out a product he saw on an infomercial: Supple. I thought it was foolish to stop taking Immunotec products, but he wanted to see if he noticed anything on the new stuff and didn’t want the good stuff interfering with the experiment. I can understand that.

He tried the Supple stuff for about a month and noticed nothing spectacular. In fact, he noticed his old aches and pains return. He thought this was moving in the wrong direction, so he returned the unused portion and got back on Immunotec products. He felt much better within days.

He told me, “I’m never doing that again. I’m sticking with Immunotec.” He’s now back on Immunocal, Cherry Concentrate, and XtraSharp.

For more info on these products, check out my Immunotec page. To learn how to get these products at a discount, see my page on how to get Immunocal.

May you be healthy forever.


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10th Jul 2008

Success story from a buddy of mine

I just got a success story from a good buddy of mine. Here it is:

I normally take Immunotec supplements when I get home after a walk to relieve the pain and tiredness. Today, I reversed the order–supplements before exercise. An ounce of cherry concentrate and a pouch of Immunocal in four ounces of orange juice, followed by a swig of Xtra Sharp. Then a three mile walk. Plenty of energy. No pain. No tiredness. Try it!

Pretty awesome, eh?! I love getting reports like this. Take your Immunocal and you’re going to have a great day!

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