How to mix up Immunocal

It’s fairly simple. Here’s how I do it:

0) Make sure you have a little mixer cup (Immunotec sends you one with your first order) and pour in 2 or 3 ounces of orange juice or some other kind of juice. I used to use chocolate soy milk but it doesn’t agree with me any more so I’m sticking with OJ.

1) Hold the packet by the top and shake it so that the powder settles down to the bottom and carefully tear the packet open. Squeeze the sides of the packet like this (see picture) to open it up.

4) Carefully turn it over into the cup. The new packets are narrower, so they fit nicely into the shaker cup. Gently tap the sides & edges of the packet to get as much of the Immunocal powder out as you can, then slowly squeeze the packet closed. Some people open it up all the way, turn it inside out, and lick the inside.

5) Now it looks like this. The Immunocal powder is completely covering up the liquid. Snap on the plastic lid and make sure it is on there snug.

6) GENTLY shake the mixer cup. Immunocal is very delicate. If you put it in a blender, you will destroy the bioactivity. If you put it in hot liquid, you will destroy the bioactivity. Shake the mixer cup very gently back and forth for about a minute.

7) It looks like this after about a minute. I like to use a spoon to mix it up a bit more by mashing the clumps against the sides of the cup. I’m wierd like that.

And that’s it! Enjoy! Don’t forget to wash the mixer cup and lid when you’re all done (otherwise they will get sticky).